FinancingDiet’s objective is to inform you and hopefully help you gain control over your finances.  Now, gaining control of your finances can have different meanings depending on one’s situation.  I hope my blogs can help the reader to objectively evaluate his/her particular situation and get on a “Financing Diet” to get control his/her finances. I am not a financial planner, stock broker, debt reduction specialist. I am not trying to sell you any quick-get-rich scheme.

I am a guy who went to school for a Masters in Business, and I developed a passion for both personal finance and business finance. Now, in the aftermath of the financial boom-bust many Americans who over indulged in credit financing and over spending are faced with the inability to pay on their debt due to loss of income, interest rate hikes, etc. Perhaps, I can give enough perspective and insight for those in need to develop a financial plan to gain financial control.

If you are in good financial standing then, I will provide information and suggestions on how to improve your financial standing, add to your retirement, plan your kid(s) education, build wealth, etc.

As I said earlier I am NOT a financial planner, stock broker, debt reduction specialist. These are professional services that one may choose to use depending on one’s particular need. That decision is entirely up to you.  My only advice is to make sure you are aware of all the cost associated with their services. Stay on top of any inflow or outflow of cash; it is your money.