First of all thank you for the positive and constructive feedback. I wanted to write a quick blog in response to those who have asked me the following questions:

  1. What product and skin is using?
  2. Who is building and supporting my blog?
  3. How hard is to build a blog website?
  4. How hard is to blog?
  5. What product to use for blogging?
  6. Who is hosting my website?
  7. Use the Social Network to advertise your blog
  8. Picking the host name and solution can be mutually exclusive (you are not stuck w/ either one)

My quick disclaimer before I answer the above questions, this is my personal opinion and preference, and it NOT an endorsement for any particular product. I am only speaking of the products and services I have used.

A1.  I am using b2evolution blogging software and the website skin or theme is  evocamp

A2. I built and customized the blog using b2evolution. I have been Information Technology for a long time so building websites and blogging comes particularly easy.  Now, this is very time consuming.  So if you are a beginner or you are thinking about blogging, I would suggest to find a turn-key solution that way you can get to the business of blogging right away and spend less time dealing with the technical aspect of building and supporting your own website.

A3. It depends on who you choose to HOST your site, and the tool set they provide you with.  Also make sure you know what you are trying to do, so you choose the hosting company that works best for you.  I am using, and I am very pleased with both the COST of hosting and the CPANEL (toolset). has an extensive amount of products and options.  I wanted a flexible number of options because I build, support and host other websites.   Most hosting solution will offer CPANEL or a toolset of their own. Some of them will even offer a DEMO or Test Drive.  So take advantage of it to help you pick the right company.

A4. Blogging is simply time consuming, and it is not hard if you are passionate about what you want to blog about. Now, one of the most important things about blogging is CONTENT.  You have got to have CONTENT and preferably your own (if you use someone else’s material give he/she credit and reference their work by  linking his/her website to yours) so people and more importantly the search engines can find you. Also there are SEO (Search engine optimization) packages to help you improve your website traffic, but there is a COST associated with it.  I do not use one for, but I have for other sites.  Again define what you want to do.  Otherwise, you can end up spending more than you really have to and not get the ROI (return on investment including your time and effort).

A5. Again this is my personal preference.  I created FinancingDiet using b2evolution and I have been pleased with the look and b2evolution’s toolset, but this is the techie in me speaking, b2evolution is a good product but it is a bit hard to interface with some of affiliate marketing programs especially if you are just getting started.  On the other hand, I would consider WordPress, it is a  more user friendly blogging product hence its popularity. I have a number of websites using WordPress; it is very flexible and easy to integrate.  BLOGGER Google’s solution is a nice product too.  It comes down to what you want to do and your level of expertise.  b2evolution is a good product and it worked for  I learned my way around it and it’s working fine so far.  I also like Workpress’ openness and ease of use.  I can whip out a blogging site in 20 minutes and hit the ground running. Google’s blogger does a nice job integrating with the rest of the Google Applications.  So I am sure there are other products, these are the ones I have used the most. is does a nice job for me.  Godaddy, Google, Yahoo have good host offerings too.  There are tons of hosting companies, so pick the one that works for you. I used PRICING and FEATURES for my hosting selection criteria including hosting multiple sites. Check Hosting Solution Reviews and find out what other users are saying…

A7. If you want to bring exposure to your blogging site, use the social network websites to bring awareness and traffic to your blog. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace and many others can be a nice tool for people to find and read your blogs. As I said earlier good CONTENT and write often will help too.

A8.  This is important too, if you pick a hosting solution like Google, Yahoo or for example, and you later find out that or Godaddy works better.  You are not stuck w/ a particular hosting company. You can transfer your host name without having to renew your host name subscription (if it’s paid for already).  I have done it at one time or another, it comes down to what works better for you.  All the vendors I have mentioned are quite capable of delivering a solution and getting the job done, you have to make that choice that works best for you.

Well, I hope this helps those who were asking about the site and good luck with your blogging…


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